Twee Forever

For better or worse, I still relate to art echoing emotions felt in my youth. Today I learned the Girlpool‘s Cut Your Bangs is a cover (hat-tip community) of a Radiator Hospital twee pop track. For months, I still cannot get that track out of my head, notably the chorus refrain.Girlpool slows it all… Continue reading Twee Forever

The first of 2017 Silver Anniversary album tributes.

March 12th was the 50th anniversary of The Velvet Underground & Nico, arguably one of the most influential popular music recordings of the twentith century, though it wasn’t evident at the time of it’s publication. The cast of characters included: the lyricist, a survivor of electroshock therapy, inspired by writers and poets of disreputable subjects,… Continue reading The first of 2017 Silver Anniversary album tributes.

2016 Music Digest

Season-appropriate greetings everyone! As such, the ritual of compiling a best-of-year playlist continues. Predictably, it generally eschews well established artists (exception: Bowie) and is bent to my aging tastes, mostly soft-ish pop/rock with a few instrumental pieces thrown in. I’ve published it on Deezer and Spotify. Surprisingly I survived all of tretcherous 2016 on Deezer.… Continue reading 2016 Music Digest

Why I’m using Deezer

Season-appropriate greetings everyone!  So I’ve survived a year on Deezer. The platform didn’t improve at all over the year but I’ve come to rely upon a set of features not available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music or Amazon Music Unlimited (yeah, they’re into that now too): collaborative playlists with comments  LastFM scrobbling The… Continue reading Why I’m using Deezer

Paradise Lost

Like so many Friday’s before, tonight is when the music industry releases it’s latest creations. There was a time when there had been an obsession, a cult, that had the thrill of discovering interesting productions, where robots weren’t involved. Sorry all you folks that deliver delightful data-mining results. I do admire the science of it.… Continue reading Paradise Lost

2013 Exhumation: Robots want your love.

I’m unearthing a unpublished draft post written in reaction to the announcement of Google Play All Access from 2013.  I recall thinking of “Tyranny of the Majority”, “Dunbar’s Number” and “The 90-9-1 Principle” and the notion that communities of unpaid music curators are rare, fragile, precious and worthy of preservation. The thing is, what Google was promoting… Continue reading 2013 Exhumation: Robots want your love.