Dear Metacafe ..

Hello Site Architect, Security Officers, CTO, and other potentially suspicious characters at Metacafe –

I landed at your site today as result of searching for a video showing the best music making applications for tablet computers.   I was shocked and dismayed when I noticed that underneath the first video I clicked on was a comment box awaiting my input displaying my Facebook profile picture.   You might wonder why I thought this was a serious problem.  Well, for starters, I’ve not enabled Facebook Connect with your site.  Actually, I’ve never even registered at Metacafe.  Geez, I wasn’t even logged into Facebook on any computer and hadn’t been for days.

So my question is this: why is my %)*&^ Facebook identity showing up on your site?   I know this probably isn’t all your doing and I ought to be pestering the alpha geeks over at Facebook as well, but, honestly, I am just a little bit sick of Facebook detritus following me everywhere, and the less time I spend there, the better I feel.  Besides, I’ve no patience for another  “oh my gosh .. we’d never do anything like that” response.

I understand that Facebook is not going away any time soon.  And there’s little chance of me erasing my Facebook account as my elders unfortunately have irrevocably and mistakenly substituted it for the telephone. But I really think there is room in the universe for healthy population of Things Not Connected To Facebook. So is there any chance you could not line up like the millions of other lemmings and just say no to auto-magic, opt-in by default, creepy stalking technology?

So, in closing: I now hate your web property.  How do I delete any and all association with my information from your site?

Thank you.

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