RIP music-centric music platforms.


Once upon a time one could anonymously express your love for Bootsy Collins, Bavarian polkas, Scandinavian metal, and Katy Perry and then discover other souls with a similar disposition on the same platform as the one delivering your music, from which one would discover other artists, which to me seemed to me a worthy product.

Alas, the market has deemed it unworthy, though it did exist for a brief moment.

As an epitaph, I’m sharing some random responses to a feature on Lala called “the blurb” wherein anyone could post on your feed. It was a magical time before anyone ​seemed to have a political or business agenda, before Facebook mattered, or before anyone had figured out how to exploit this feature with spam-bots and such.

quarked: “hey there, thanks for the heads up on Ruby Suns… I found the s/t album is on emusic and am now happier than I was 10 minutes ago. And thanks for sharing all your great playlists!”

elijah: “massive kudos for the great picks in the “chill pop” playlist :-)”

JUan. BeATs: “sweet disposition is so good”

Crizzle: “great yet simple review of Ciao My Shining Star :)”

sandeep: “Oh, all three of those playlists would be interesting. I especially like the shoe-gazer-ish one, being a big fan of the genre. What kinds of things would you add to the “dusty bits” one? (I’m still getting the hang of this commenting thing, I hope you can see this?)”

​RIP an era.​

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