A Tiny Silver Lining, post-Snowden

I now cheerfully respond to all solicitations, telemarketers or otherwise, with “You sound awfully nice and sincere, but because you might actually be the NSA, I am uncomfortable speaking with you.”

Our SoundBridge Has Finally Collapsed

Our beloved Roku SoundBridge has ceased to function. After seven years of service tuning into SomFM, otherwise unreachable radio stations and our iTunes library, it emits neither light nor sound. It turns out, the thing is beautiful inside. Constructed like double-ended Pringle’s can. Pop the ends off and it’s inner shell slides out of the aluminum… Continue reading Our SoundBridge Has Finally Collapsed

Marvelous Band + Game Show to Tour Again

The Spectacular Return of ‘The Spectacular Spinning Songbook’-Elvis Costello has decided to revolve again this year – bit.ly/14B7sRD — Elvis Costello (@ElvisCostello) March 22, 2013                   More details regarding past tours.

Cross Bones Style • Cat Power

Inspiration for the song is said to be from Chan’s visit to South Africa where she met children orphaned by the diamond trade.   However, she didn’t write the song until later.  From Wikipedia (emphasis mine):  Marshall wrote “Cross Bones Style,” along with five other songs from Moon Pix, one night in the fall of 1997, after awaking from a hallucinatory nightmare while alone… Continue reading Cross Bones Style • Cat Power

Philip “Pud” Kaplan

Why am I writing about Philip Kaplan? Pud founded AdBrite and Fucked Company.  In retrospect, Fucked Company may have best thing I ever experienced on the internet (perhaps except for 4chan, about which I cannot and shall not comment).  This is perhaps astounding because FC was nothing like the internet of today. FC was all text. Were such a forum to exist today,… Continue reading Philip “Pud” Kaplan

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Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss? -Full Post

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
By David Lowery (Copyright in the author, used by permission) What follows is based on my notes and slides from my talk at SF Music Tech Summit.  I realize that I’m about to alienate some of my friends that work on the tech side of the music business.  These are…

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In SocialBookFace, the Music Plays YOU!

[originally posted on Rdio] I’m afraid the road ahead for digital music purveyors will continue to be bumpy. Expect the multi-billion dollar social media investment bubble to get serious about demanding returns from advertising, entertainment, gaming, and publishing revenue streams.  Maybe it’s already started with the arrangements made between Facebook, Spotify, MOG, Pandora, Rdio, et… Continue reading In SocialBookFace, the Music Plays YOU!

Rust Wall

Rust Wall, a photo by Lex LeChef on Flickr.

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